Two things our words can do

With three boys who are only five years apart, a friendly game of putt-putt can quickly get the competitive (and unfriendly) juices flowing. We'd only made it to the third hole on the miniature-golf course when one of my boys got a hole in one. He squealed with excitement!

But his joy was short-lived with his brother's harsh words - “That was such an easy hole. You just got lucky. I'm so much better than you at this game.”

The look on my son's face was one of complete defeat, as I’m pretty sure he was hoping his brother would give him a high-five and say something like, “Way to go!”

Knowing my son was crushed in spirit, I turned to my other son and explained, “You know, buddy, your words have power.”


The power of words - TBM


I hope you'll join me over at The Better Mom today where I have the privilege of sharing the rest of this story and writing about the power of our words.

love, jeannie