Moms are under so. much. pressure.

We moms are told that we have to get it all right so our kids turn out right. We’re told that their entire futures are riding on our ability to perfectly orchestrate their lives. And we’re told that the strength of their faith hinges on ours. So we begin to believe that if we just try hard enough, we can actually “be enough.

These impossible standards make us fear that we are not only letting down our kids but also disappointing God, and they leave us stuck in worry, anger, guilt, comparison, and shame.


Jeannie invites us to journey alongside her as we learn to: 

  • Lay down what God has not asked us to carry so we can thrive in what He has.
  • Embrace our significance in our children’s lives in light of God’s sovereignty.
  • Trust God with the children He has entrusted to us.
  • Receive God’s grace so we can reflect God’s heart to our kids.


It’s time to breathe deeper, walk lighter, and reclaim the wonder and adventure of parenting!

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What I love about Jeannie is how real she is—no shimmer over the shatter—simply cracks and brokenness allowing the light of a faithful God to shine through. And she wrote Mom Set Free because God first wrote it on her heart first. In this book, Jeannie reminds us that freedom in motherhood is what God wants for us. She is gathering a tribe of moms who lean in and hold each other up so we can keep our eyes on our great God. Mostly, what I love about this book is that it is not a have-to or a should-do. Rather, Mom Set Free is the ‘created-to-do’ anthem of motherhood.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck, New York Times bestselling author, and mom of three
What our generation is thirsty for, what will change the way we do motherhood and mission - is a whole bunch of moms SET FREE. And what we need right now is a gentle, gracious, humble leader like Jeannie Cunnion to take us there. This book was a balm to my heart and a life-giver to my mothering, I know it will be for you too.
Jess Connolly, coauthor of Wild and Free, author of Dance Stand Run, church planter and teacher, mom of four wild ones
Jeannie Cunnion has done something profound with Mom Set Free that has the power to not only change your life, but the lives of your kids. Whether you are a new mom or a seasoned mom, this book will radically impact your parenting. Jeannie won’t waste your time with fluff. If you read it slow and open your heart to God’s amazing grace, this book will set you radically free.
Courtney DeFeo, author of In This House, We Will Giggle and creator of Lil Light O’ Mine
If you are a mom longing for an exhale, this is a must read! Jeannie includes you in her own journey of motherhood, addresses the exhausting paradigms we can so easily get stuck in, and reframes them in the lavish love of God. She beautifully invites you into your own journey—to the heart of the matter—so that you can first receive for yourself what you yearn to pass onto your kids!
Lauren Tomlin, speaker, mom, and wife to worship leader Chris Tomlin
As a counselor, I sit with weary parents every day—parents who are wearied by the pressure their kids face and wearied by the pressure they face. This weariness trickles out in anxiety, exhaustion, and even anger. And it feels like anything but freedom. But each page of Jeannie’s book is entrenched in grace. It will bring not only freedom to each mom who reads it, but it will bring hope—hope that she can be wonderfully, gracefully set free.
Sissy Goff, M.Ed., LPC, director of child and adolescent counseling at Daystar Counseling Ministries, Nashville, TN, speaker, and author of Are My Kids on Track?
For the mom who frequently hears the voices of guilt and shame around her parenting, for the mom who wonders if God really loves her, for the mom who holds it all together publicly but inside is crumbling: for that mom, it is time to experience freedom. Mom Set Free guides us to the kind of freedom that allows us to thrive because we understand how much God loves us. If you want this kind of life-altering freedom, you’ve come to the right place.
Alexandra Kuykendall, author of Loving My Actual Life and co-host of The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast
In Mom Set Free, Jeannie uses God’s Word to create a beautiful quilt of rest and encouragement while exposing and embracing the heart struggles of every mom. Mom Set Free is full of God’s unconditional love, affirmation, and Truth for His daughters.

Wynter Pitts, author of She is Yours and founder of the magazine For Girls Like You and resources for girls
I’ve been a missionary in Haiti for fifteen years, helping raise the children God has given us, and Jeannie’s message of grace and freedom in Mom Set Free has changed my life and the way I parent. This book will not only encourage you, but point you to Jesus so that you, in turn, can point your children to Him.
Karris Hudson, field director/vice-president at Danita's Children/Hope for Haiti Children's Center
Jeannie helps us to ‘breathe God’s grace’ into our own hearts so we can shower that same grace on our children.
Korie Robertson, star of Duck Dynasty and author of Strong and Kind
Reading Mom Set Free is like that first breath of fresh air you take after being under water for too long. In this book, Jeannine skillfully shows us how the gospel gives life, freedom, and rest.
Jessica Thompson, speaker and author of Everyday Grace
There are so many things I love about Jeannie Cunnion. She is funny, she is real, and she isn’t afraid to let you know she doesn’t have all the answers. As I read Mom Set Free, I immediately felt a weight lift off my shoulders. You will find yourself alternately nodding your head and breathing a deep sigh of relief as you turn each page.
Melanie Shankle, New York Times bestselling author and writer at The Big Mama Blog
Jeannie beautifully brings the transforming power of our freedom in Christ into the everyday mission field at our kitchen tables. With sound theology made practical and applicable, Mom Set Free takes the pressure off of our performance and points us to God’s faithfulness through Christ.
Ruth Chou Simons, mom of six boys, artist and author of GraceLaced: Discovering Timeless Truths through Seasons of the Heart
Mom Set Free should be the book that sits on every mother’s nightstand. Read this empowering message, and walk in the freedom you are made for.
Jennifer Dukes Lee, author of The Happiness Dare and Love Idol
Jeannie Cunnion has gently crafted a crucial mothering tool that will empower us moms to preach gospel truth to our own souls, setting us free from the shackles we’ve allowed to be placed on us. Part heartfelt stories, part scriptural study, this encouraging book will enable you to know and walk in the truth that truly sets you free, so you can parent your children in humility and confidence, resting securely in God’s grace.
Karen Ehman, Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker; New York Times best-selling author of Keep It Shut and Listen, Love, Repeat, wife, and mom of three
If you desire to parent your children with grace, you must first learn to live in grace yourself. This is the message behind Jeannie Cunnion’s, Mom Set Free. Full of the Truth that empowers any mother to overcome the lies of the enemy, Mom Set Free releases us to live confidently as we learn to believe that the Lord is not disappointed in us. Jeannine Cunnion doesn’t just get it. She shares a practical hope that moves our hearts to freedom. I cannot recommend this book enough.

Becky Thompson, author of Hope Unfolding and Love Unending
Ahhh! Parenting can feel so overwhelming, but Jeannie Cunnion’s words fill me with the sweet relief of understanding that it’s not about what I do but about what God has already done. Cunnion gets it: the worry that you’re screwing up your kids, the feeling that you can’t breathe. She’s been there, and in Mom Set Free, she offers insight and wisdom to lead us into fresh air.
Melanie Dale, author of It's Not Fair and Women Are Scary
While raising my four sons, I have read my fair share of books on how to show God’s love and grace to my kids, all the while beating myself up for my imperfections and feeling I have fallen short of being the mom I ought to be. The funny thing is, I don’t think I even realized this was happening until I read Mom Set Free. Thank you, Jeannie, for sharing God’s heart, not just for kids, but indeed for us weary moms. Reading this book has been like a full-body dip in the most refreshing stream of God’s love and grace.
Monica Swanson, writer at Monica Swanson - The Grommom



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