Find Relief from the Pressure to Get It All Right

Several months ago I asked for your help in choosing the cover for my new book and Bible Study, Mom Set Free: Find Relief from the Pressure to Get It All Right.

Well, you all blew me away with your responses and encouragement.  The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of Option B.

So it’s with much excitement and gratitude that I launch my new website today, featuring the covers that YOU chose, and finally share with you more about this book that God has used to teach me how to live and parent as a Mom Set Free.

Freedom from Shame

Hello my friends,

Wow, I have missed you!

I'm sorry I've been a bit silent around here while learning how to parent a newborn again. I forgot how glorious- and hard- these early days of infancy can be.  Now that our sweet Finn is almost four months old, and a bit of sleep has become part of my existence again, I'm coming out of the baby fog and back to some sense of normalcy.

How to keep from losing it

“Patience is a grace as difficult as it is necessary, and as hard to come by as it is precious when it is gained.”

If there is any area of our lives that illuminates this quote by Charles Spurgeon, it’s parenting. We want to be, no, we desperately long to be patient and self-controlled, but how often does our anger win?

For the parent who desires to raise thankful kids

Happy Saturday, friends!  I've sent more emails than usual this week. I hope that's ok!  But as promised, I'm sharing the articles I'm writing elsewhere, and this one happened to be featured in the "Thankful Nation" series with this weekend. I hope you enjoy it!

The human tendency is to look at everything we don’t have and demand “more” to be happy. When, ironically, happiness is not found in acquiring “more” but in being more thankful for what we’ve already been given.