For the parent who desires to raise thankful kids

Happy Saturday, friends!  I've sent more emails than usual this week. I hope that's ok!  But as promised, I'm sharing the articles I'm writing elsewhere, and this one happened to be featured in the "Thankful Nation" series with this weekend. I hope you enjoy it!

The human tendency is to look at everything we don’t have and demand “more” to be happy. When, ironically, happiness is not found in acquiring “more” but in being more thankful for what we’ve already been given.

For example, I recall an afternoon when my husband and I were driving our three boys to the beach and we were passing by beautiful homes that sit right on the water’s edge with glorious views of the sound.

Without realizing it, I found myself thinking out loud, “Look at that one, honey. Could you imagine how amazing it would be to wake up to that view every day? That is my dream house.”

And immediately, my eight year old chimed in. “Yeah, why can’t we live there, Daddy? That one is so much bigger and better than ours!”

Ouch. I knew what I’d just done and conviction hit me to the core.

No doubt, our children are learning what it looks like to live a life of thankfulness, or a lack thereof, through us.

Join me over at to discover the three questions parents must ask themselves to raise kids who are truly thankful.

All is grace,