Two words to overcome desperation with hope!


Just before my first son was born, I remember people telling me how much I would love being a mom, and how I would love my son so much that I would feel like my heart could burst. And you know what, they were right. Eleven years later, I can wholeheartedly say all of that has been very true. I do feel like my heart is walking around outside of my body in each one of my three boys.

However, what I don’t remember anyone telling me is that there would be days when I wouldn’t even recognize myself, and that my children would teach me more about myself {and my weaknesses} than I ever wanted to know.

I look back on my earliest days of parenting and wish someone had said, “Hey Jeannie, this parenting thing is hard. Really hard. And there will be a lot of days when you will want to hide because you just need five minutes alone because you are falling. apart. And that’s o.k.”

What I’m learning is that motherhood, unlike almost anything else in our lives, can expose the depths of our hearts. Both the beautiful and the not-so-beautiful parts. We never knew we could love like motherhood allows us to love, and yet we never knew we could feel as desperate as motherhood can make us feel.

And I am convinced that so much of that desperation is rooted in us believing that what we get right and what we get wrong is what will ultimately determine who our children will become.

Do you know when I feel the most desperate?……..

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