How to raise TRULY thankful kids


When our kids were itty-bitty we were told to teach them a few basic words in sign language, as this helps eliminate frustration and whining in kids who desire to communicate their needs but haven’t developed the language skills to do so.

The four words that were recommended to us were “Please, thank you, all-done and more.”

And I can assuredly say, we found those four signs to be very helpful in the early days.

Looking back however, I do find it comical that “more” was one of the first four words we taught our kids…… because then we spend the rest of our days trying to teach our kids to be thankful for what they have rather than always wanting “more more more.” Right?

In a world of so much selfishness and entitlement, I’m confident you share my desire to raise truly thankful children, ones who recognize that everything they are and everything they have is a gift from God.

So I hope you'll join me over at The Better Mom where I am sharing what I am learning about growing in gratitude and leading my kids in doing the same.

With love,