America's Heartbreaking Teen Anxiety Epidemic

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Hello Friend,

Last week the New York Times published a fascinating but troubling article entitled “Why Are More American Teenagers Than Ever Suffering from Severe Anxiety.” You’ve probably already read it in your news feed or seen it creating conversation in your Facebook feed. 

As a mom of four boys, I found the article hard to read but impossible to ignore. After I finished reading, I felt nudged by God to set aside what I’d originally planned to tackle that day to share what was stirring in my heart.  I wrote a response that I pray will offer parents a hopeful (and do-able) way forward.

I am so grateful that Fox News picked up my piece and published it today.  You can read it here.

I hope you’ll join me in reading what is not proposed as a complete solution to the problem but a crucial step toward progress in tackling it. 

All is grace,


Jeannie Cunnion3 Comments